Standard Icelandic stock footage: 
Our beautiful Geysir the geyser, 
Gullfoss waterfall,
Blue Lagoon,
The Icelandic horse,
The Utensils Uprising,
Whaling, water, nature and wild-life

Are you looking for:

The Icelandic Viking clap with 10.000 spectators? 
Icelandic National team home coming ceremony?  
Eyjafjallajokull eruption in HD from day one?
We have it all

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Available in various formats:
HD, 2K and 4K.


ICelandic national team

Never before has Iceland accomplished grater sport achievement as  in UEFA EuroCup 2016. Kukl produced the local TV production and we have world famous clips like Homecoming Ceremony, the Viking clap with 10.000 spectators and the reactions of the icelandic commentator Gummi Ben when Iceland won 2-1 against Austria scoring the winning goal at the last minute.


We have from day one beautiful footage from the large eruption when the world famous and the great tongue twister Eyjafjallajökull, that stopped air traffic over Europe in spring 2010.


We have a large catalog of footage from various pars of Iceland.  Beautiful Geysir, Iceland most popular waterfall Gullfoss and Icelandic scenery like you have seen in movies.