Arrimax 18Kw
Arri M90
Arri M40
Arri M18
Arri M8
Arri 575
Arri Compact 12Kw
Arri Compact 6Kw
Arri Compact 2.5Kw
Arri Pocket Par 200
Joker Bug 800
Joker Bug 400


Skypanel S120
Skypanel S60
Skypanel S30
LED Flyer and boom
Rosco LitePad Pro Gaffer's Kit AX
1x1 Velvet LED Bicolor
LiteGear LiteRibbon Kit
LiteGear LiteMat 1
LiteGear LiteMat 1 Plus
LiteGear LiteMat 2
LiteGear LiteMat 2 Plus
LiteGear LiteMat 2 Long
LiteGear LiteMat 2 Long Plus
LiteGear LiteMat 4 Plus
LiteTile +4



Arri Studio 12Kw
Arri 5Kw
Arrilite 2000 (Blonde)
Arri 2Kw
Arri 1Kw
Arri 650
Arri 300
Arri 150
Par Cans 56/64
Rifa Kit


4f 4bank
4f 2bank
2f 4bank
Wall o Lite
Blanket Lite
Image 85
Image 45
Celeb 200/201
Diva 400


Dedolight PanAura 7
Dedo HMI S400DT
Dedo 2xDLED9
Dedo Kit Turbo DLED7
Dedo Kit DLED4
Dedo LEDRAMA Bicolour Panel
Dedo Kit DLH4



Chimera Lantern 20” w/Skirt
Chimera Lantern 30” w/Skirt
Chimera Pancake Medium w/Skirt
Chimera Fabric Extra Small 40 Degree
Chimera Fabric Grid Small 40 Degree
Chimera Fabric Grid Large 40 Degree
Chimera Quarts Plus Extra Small
Chimera Quarts Plus Small
Chimera Quarts Plus Medium
Chimera Quarts Plus Large
Chimera Video Pro Plus Small
Chimera Video Pro Plus Medium
Chimera Speed Ring 800/650
Chimera Speed Ring 1kw/575
Chimera Speed Ring 2Kw /1.2
Chimera Speed Ring M18/2,5
Chimera Speed Ring M40
Chimera Speed Ring M90
Mogul Base Socket E27/E40
Mogul Socket Triolet w/Two Pin Adapter
Chimera Panel Frame Kit 42”x72”
Chimera Panel Frame Kit 48”x48”
Skypanel S60 Chimera
Skypanel S60 Eggcrate
Skypanel S30 Chimera
Skypanel S30 Eggcrate

From Ragplace

8x8 12x12 12x20 20x20

Bleach Muslin
Unbleached Muslin
Silent Grid (1/1, 1/2, 1/4)
Silk (1/1, 1/2, 1/4)
Green screen
Digital Key Blue Tempo
Digital Key Green Tempo
Silver Lame
Soft Silver
Black Solid
Water Solid
Soft Frost
Half Soft Frost
Hi Lite
Single Net
Double Net


Snapgrid 4x4
Snapgrid Kinoflo 2f 2bank
Snapgrid Kinoflo 4f 4bank



Combo Stands
Low Boys
Baby Stands
Handy Stands
Crank o Vator
Hi Rollers
HiHi Rollers
Mombo Stands
Mombo Combo
Super Wind Ups
Max Meanace Boom Stand
Light Boom With Weight
Turtle Base


125 3p
125 1p
63 3p
63 1p
32 3p
32 1p
16 3p
16 1p
Distro Boxes


Generator Truck Super Silent 130 Kw
Generator Truck Sprinter Silent 70 Kw
14Kw Mobile Generator
5,5kw Honda Generators
5,5Kw Makita Generators
4,5Kw Makita Generators
2kw Honda Generators
2x Honda Cable Connector


12k Dmx Dimmer
5k Dimmers
2k Major one plus Dimmer



Gaffer Tape
Gorilla Tape
Gel Clamps
Black Tak
Black Wrap
Joe's Sticky Stuff
Dirty Riggers Gloves