DIT station Rogue, with Mid 2015 Macbook Retina (2.2 GHz, 16GB Ram, Intel Iris Pro 1536 graphics card)
27” iMac, Late 2015, with 4GHz i7 processor, 32GB DDR3 1867 RAM and a 4 GB AMD Radeon R9 graphics card
Mac Pro, mid 2010, 12 core 2.66 GHz Intel Xeon, 64 GB DDR3 1333 MHz with Internal Raid storage of 8 TB

Colour Grade Panel

Tangent Devices CP300 Wave Color Panel with USB


OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock (5 x USB port, HDMI, Ethernet, Firewire 800)


Storage & Graphic cards

2.2 Terabyte SSD Thunderbolt connected Raid, with write speeds of 580 mb/s and read speeds of 800 mb/s
Rocketstor 5212 dual-bay Thunderbolt hard drive docking station
Red Rocket X PCIe graphics card, designed to accelerate the process of your RED workflow
NVIDIA Quadro K5000 for Mac 4GB GDDR5 Graphics card
NVIDIA Quadro 4000 2GB GDDR5 PCIe Graphics card
Sonnet Thunderbolt expansion chassis
30" Apple Cinema Display

Shared storage SAN

Studio Network Solutions EVO SAN 16 Bay with 25TB storage and 6 gb/s Fiber connection


Kukl DIT station mixer