The Black-Tek Tower is a vertical Lifter for the SHOTOVER G1. It can be mounted on either the OFFROAD Extreme Nissan Navara with 38 inch modification tires and FOX shock absorbers or Mercedes Benz ML55 Track car for tarmac. It is optimized for HighSpeed use and quick changeover.


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Black-tek tower details

  • Total weight of Tower & Shock-Absorber: 28 kg

  • Maximum payload of the Absorber Arm: 20 kg

  • 1,6 m Height / 1,3 m Travel distance

  • Variable Speed up to 0,8 m/s (about 2 sec for 130 cm)

  • Manually rotatable position in 45 deg steps by simply pulling the quick release pins in the twister plates

  • A cablechain inside the Tower guides the command, power and video cable for the remote head

  • Internal weight balancing system helps to reduce power consumption

  • Mitchell plate as base on the Shock-Absorber

  • A heavy duty transportation bag protects the Tower

  • Wired remote control for selecting speed and position

  • Can be mounted on 33mm CarRig pipes

  • Powered from 24V up to 48 V

  • Can be used as a motorized horizontal slider


  • Motorized LiftTower

  • Shock-Absorber arm

  • Internal Cabeling for SHOTOVER G1

  • Twister-Plates

  • Transportation Bag

  • Transportation Box



Nissan Navara 38"
Mercedes Benz ML 55


Black-Tek - Air Rig - CameraKit & GripKit


AirRig - GripKit

The GripKit is the most versatile System for rigging a camera on any flat surface especially cars.
With its design you can easily change between different shapes of suction cups depending on the available surface.


AirRig-GripKit - Suction-Tripod-System includes:
2 x AirRig 3 - 3 point vacuum plate
1 x AirRig 2 - 2 point vacuum plate
3 x VariClamp
1 x LightMount
1 x TwistClamp
1 x CarHook
1 x FixClamp
1 x Bowl-100-Kit
1 x CamPlate M
1 x AirRigPump - Fully automatic vacuum pump
2 x Distance- and angle adaptor
11 x Vacuum stamps in different shapes
1 x PipeKit
1 x PipeKit XL
1 x Set KeeLite Clamps
Tools and Screws
Airhoses in different lengths



airrig - CameraKit

With the CameraKit you are really fast!
It takes only 5 minutes to be ready for the camera. The system fits perfectly onto the hood of a car. With its built in angle plate it can be used as a classic door mount as well.

box (1).png

AirRig-CameraKit - Suction-Tripod with Tilt plate includes:
1 x AirRig 4 - 4 point vacuum plate
    with integrated Tiltplate
1 x AirRig 3 - 3 point vacuum plate
1 x VariClamp
9 x Vacuum stamps
2 x Distance- and angle adaptor
1 x AirRigPump - Fully automatic vacuum pump
Tools and Screws
Airhoses in different lengths